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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning should be visionary, not operational, in nature. Creating a strategy for your credit union is not optional, it’s an obligation you have to your external and internal members. Most importantly, it must be your strategy, not the plan of the year.

Working collaboratively, DCA and your leadership team will establish the vision that will transform your credit union. Prior to the planning session a thorough preparation process will be employed. During the actual session a myriad of internal and external data accompanied by projections and future expectations will be reviewed. Existing thoughts and opinions will be challenged. Attention is paid to ensure there are healthy and respectful sharing of differing points of views to strengthen the decision process.

Strategy creation should not be taken lightly, nor should you adopt the strategy of another organization merely to satisfy regulatory pressure or complete a checklist. True strategy that establishes the idealistic future for your credit union is necessary. Transforming your future requires change, taking risks and making tough choices. The objective is to create a vision that will improve your credit union for your members.

Your strategy can be summarized in one page with simple words and concepts. This will enhance the focus and acceptance of your staff as they embrace the challenges. A total team commitment is needed to create the operational tactics and budgets to achieve the strategic objectives of the credit union. DCA has the proven experience and ability to provide significant support in these steps.