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Executive Consultations

The adage that “it is lonely at the top” holds true for CEOs. Many CEO Dialogues, Executive Coaching, credit Union expertiseexecutives, new to this role, are unprepared for this reality. Even within strong teams, there are details/information that require strict confidentiality.

93% of business leaders questioned in the study “Stepping Up To CEO”, published by the School for CEOs (, said that prospective CEOs require more specific preparation for the top role. This is surprising given the amount of time and expense organizations invest into executive training. To date, leadership development has not been able to adequately prepare executives for the times of isolation and ultimate accountability that are required of the CEO.

It is important for leaders, new and seasoned, to have a trusted advisor or release valve. The vast experience of DCA’s principal, David Clendaniel, can serve as a knowledgeable sounding board and provide perceptive insights to assist credit union CEOs. These consultations also benefit executives who aspire to be future CEOs. Based upon the issue and the relationship forged, discussions range from light hearted to problem solving. Many executives, including those outside of the credit union industry, have benefited from this sage counsel.