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Unexpected Leadership Lessons

Have you ever received leadership lessons unexpectedly?

Of course you have. We all have. As leaders it is important to not only grasp the lesson, but determine how to share the knowledge with others.

Take the following scenario which happened while my wife and I were sitting on a fairly crowded beach. A member of a nearby group loudly shares their user name and password for their employer’s IT network with the others.

As a credit union leader, what are the lessons from this situation? If this company’s network security was revealed, what are the chances that your credit union’s has been as well? Members rely on credit unions to protect their confidentiality. What if this was a credit union employee and a credit union member, who recognized the employee, overheard the conversation? In addition to the security risks this behavior created, think of the threat it creates to your credit union’s reputation.

What to do? Recognize that team members need continuous reminders and education on the importance and risks of cyber security. Also, ensure information technology audits, including social engineering tests, are being conducted to identify security weaknesses and areas where additional training is needed.